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Survive the Flood Map

Survive the Flood Map
Seeking an extra dose of adrenaline in your gaming experience? Look no further than the "Survive the Flood" map. Test your parkour skills, engage in a thrilling race against time, and face the challenges posed by the relentless forces of nature.

Main characteristics:

• You can personalize the task to suit your preferences. This includes settings for speed, abilities, and obstacle types.
• Dynamic Arena: The game takes place in a specially designed arena, optimized for intense parkour action.
• 30-Second Countdown: Each match begins with a 30-second wait, giving you a moment to plan your strategy.
• Race Against the Flood: As soon as the game starts, move swiftly to outpace the rising flood. Speed and agility are your best allies.
• Perilous Parkour: Navigate through challenging parkour courses. Remember, each wrong move could be your last as the flood is relentless.
• Suitable for All Players: Whether you're playing alone or with friends, the map offers an equally engaging experience.

Check out the screenshots below.

Survive the Flood (1)

Survive the Flood (2)


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