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Happy New Year 2024 Map

Happy New Year 2024 Map
Get ready to ring in the New Year with a bang on the Happy New Year 2024 map! Designed to celebrate the upcoming festivities, this map is a compact, lightweight package with a mere 1MB size, ensuring a seamless experience even on low-spec devices.

Here's what makes this map a must-try for everyone, whether you're playing solo or with friends:

1. Versatile Facilities: "Happy New Year 2024" is packed with various facilities to keep you entertained throughout the celebration. From exciting minigames to additional facilities, there's something for everyone.

2. Low Lag Experience: Worried about lag on your device? Fear not! With its small size, this map is optimized for smooth gameplay, ensuring a delightful experience for players of all device specifications.

3. Minigame Galore: Dive into the festivities with four thrilling minigames that promise laughter and fun. Challenge your friends or take on the games solo – the choice is yours!

4. Party and Change Places: Discover a designated party place and a change place specially designed for the transition to 2024. It's the perfect setting for both kids and adults to enjoy the celebrations.

Happy New Year 2024 (1)
Happy New Year 2024 (2)
Happy New Year 2024 (3)
Happy New Year 2024 (4)


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