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SCP Doom Map

SCP Doom Map
Embark on a relentless battle against SCP creatures in the immersive world of SCP Doom, a Minecraft PE map that draws inspiration from the iconic DOOM series. Grab your arsenal of powerful guns and prepare to face the demonic forces infesting this realm.

Based on SCP lore, this map offers a unique twist to the traditional DOOM experience, complete with a killer soundtrack, intricate firing animations, and diverse game modes.

Key Features:

1. Diverse Game Modes:

• If you want to add a strategic element to the game, then you will like Operation Pretereo, where you have to destroy the monster.
• There is a multiplayer mode (FFA), where you can compete with other players.
• In Buff Totem mode you also need to destroy the creature, but it is much stronger than the previous one.
• If you want to test your skills on the hardest difficulty mode for an unforgettable experience, then try Ultra Nightmare.
• In Super Growth Nest you will find battles, immerse yourself in battles in closed arenas, where you need to defeat different mobs that will attack in waves.
• You can fight until you die in Super Growth Nest - Endless.
• Show off your combat prowess in Super Growth Nest - Devastation mode.

2. SCP-Inspired Design: This world includes the history of SCP and the design of its monstrous inhabitants, adding a layer of authenticity to the experience.

3. Original Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the action with an original soundtrack that sets the tone for your intense battles against SCP entities.

4. Economic Framework: Accumulate currency through your performance in each mode, unlocking opportunities to upgrade your character with enhanced weapons and gear, ultimately boosting your combat prowess.

5. Bug Resolution: Encountered a bug? No worries. Drop a special item from your inventory to perform a quick reset and get back into the action seamlessly.

SCP Doom (1)

SCP Doom (2)

SCP Doom (3)

SCP Doom (4)


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