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SCP Doom Map

SCP Doom Map
You have a special mission; you need to clear the area from all SCP monsters on the SCP Doom map. The map fully conveys the atmosphere of the DOOM game, so the lover of this shooter game will definitely like it. There will even be music from the original on the map. To kill demons, the user will be given a huge selection from an arsenal of weapons. There will definitely be a fry on the map.

SCP Doom for Minecraft PE map

Added unique 3-D weapons and new mechanics to the map.

SCP Doom (1)

On this map, you can fight both alone and by teaming up with your friends.

As in the original version, you will be able to select Game Modes:

Operation Praetereo is a classic mode where you must locate and destroy SCP-682.

FFA is a multiplayer game mode where you can fight with your friends and find out who is the strongest among you.

Buff Totem - this mode is similar to the classic one, but the creatures are much stronger.

In Ultra Nightmare mode, players will have to complete a mission in increased difficulty.

In this Super Growth Nest mode, you have to fight against enemies indoors with hostile mobs that will wave at you, like in the game DOOM.

In Super Growth Nest - Endless, the player will have an endless battle until he dies.

Choosing the Super Growth Nest - Devastation mode you need to destroy one heavy wave of mobs.

SCP Doom (2)

SCP Doom (3)

SCP Doom (4)

When completing any missions, you will be awarded a certain amount of money. They are needed to buy wiggle their weapons and skills to become even more powerful.

It happens that the map freezes, then you need to get rid of a special item from your inventory, after which the map will be updated.


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