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Space Shooter Map

Space Shooter Map
The Space Shooter map for Minecraft presents an exhilarating space odyssey, featuring 10 immersive levels and an infinite mode for boundless entertainment.

Players have the opportunity to hone their abilities and push their limits as they strive to conquer each level, progressively enhancing their skills with every playthrough.

Thanks to simple controls, even beginners can easily navigate the exciting adventures awaiting them in space. Minecraft PE users can select their preferred difficulty level from a dedicated menu, ensuring an enjoyable experience suited to their skill level.

Space Shooter

A notable aspect of the Space Shooter map is its evocative 2D layout, paying homage to retro computer games, featuring straightforward controls and distinct objectives. Upon arrival at the lobby, players are met with a space-themed backdrop and three initiation buttons, marking the start of their cosmic voyage. Furthermore, a handy button furnishes essential details about the map, ensuring players are adequately equipped for their expedition.

Space Shooter (1)

Embarking on a space journey comes with its fair share of obstacles. Players will encounter a diverse array of adversaries, numbering over 15, ranging from menacing meteorites capable of inflicting damage upon impact to enemy missiles targeting them from every angle. Thus, navigating cautiously becomes imperative to evade harm and accomplish the mission successfully.

Space Shooter (2)

In a bid to tailor their adventure, players are offered a selection of six distinct skins, allowing them to personalize their appearance throughout their cosmic voyage. Whether opting for a timeless aesthetic or a futuristic vibe, each player is bound to discover a skin that resonates with their style preferences.


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