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Parkour 3D Map

Parkour 3D Map
If you are bored with the game, you want something entertaining and risky, then go to the PARKOUR 3Dmap with unique mini-games. This is a map where you can test your parkour skills, and you can also compete with other players. Play, complete levels and have fun.

Feel like a professional parkurman. Complete all mini-games with different difficulties and objectives. Improve your skills to be the best or play for fun.

Have fun with your friends playing on the map. Maximum number players are 6.

Surely you can go your way alone through all these dangerous Minecraft landscapes in this 3D parkour game! This will take about 30 minutes.

Not much really?

But how much emotion will you get!

Parkour 3D (1)

Parkour 3D (2)

Parkour 3D (3)

Parkour 3D (4)


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