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Parkour Map

Parkour Map

Remember how before everyone jumped over various railings, want to try yourself as a parkurist and frolic around the city with your friends? Then you will have such an opportunity on Parkour-Map.

You and 5 of your friends can compete which of you is more agile and able to jump over all obstacles on the way. They will be in the form of cars and other unusual obstacles.

Rather, go with your friends on such an unusual journey.

Note. Please let us know if you encounter any errors.

What buildings are on the map:

Spawn point.
A Little cave, definitely worth exploring.
Small castle. There are many interesting things.
Horse part and Volcano. Added some green landscape to the map.
Container and Ship part on the water side of the map

Parkour Map

Functional Items:

Start button - to start the game.

Start button

If you want to stop the game press the Exit button

Quit button

To return to the last savepoint - Checkpoint


Spawn - returns you to the starting point of spawn on the map.


Spectate, with this button you will be able to observe through the NPC dialogues of all areas of this game.


And Setting. You can adjust the settings. At this point, you can remove the admin tag and choose the host yourself.


These are the Entities:

A Boat. You can use it when you are on the ship.


Checkpoint Entity savepoint. We are planning to change the animation.

Checkpoint Entity

Blocks on the map:

Block speed and jump. With it you can increase your speed and jump.

Speed and jump block

Attention. This add-on has a package of behaviors and resources.

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