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Medieval Castle Map

Medieval Castle Map
An excellent map with the name "Medieval Castle" on which you can walk and enjoy the medieval view. Inside is a beautiful interior that immerses you in the atmosphere of that century. The whole assembly is made very high quality, so go on a medieval adventure.

On the map there is a large stone castle made in a medieval style.

Inside the castle, a designed interior is fully consistent with the general theme. Huge library with the necessary literature. Among all the books, you can find useful recipes and instructions for enchantments.

What is a castle without a wonderful garden? In the garden you can take a walk and enjoy the wonderful view and feel like a king or queen.

You can play this map in survival mode. On the other hand, just have fun with friends.

Medieval Castle (1)

Medieval Castle (2)

Medieval Castle (3)

Medieval Castle (4)

Medieval Castle (5)

Medieval Castle (6)

Medieval Castle (7)

Medieval Castle (8)


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