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Epic Runner Map

Epic Runner Map
If you are looking for maps with obstacles, then I recommend Epic Runner. This is a well-designed map, on which you will definitely not be bored. The author has made many different obstacles and assignments. You have to jump a lot, fall, fly with the help of elytra, and the blocks will also have different effects, so it will be fun.

The author made the surface of the map by manually assembling the blocks, which makes this assembly especially atmospheric.


• It will be better to play with a maximum field of view.
• You can add textures to make the game even more cool for you.

There are checkpoints on the map.

In the lobby you can read the rules of the game.

That's all, you can start conquering this map.

Epic Runner (1)

Epic Runner (2)

Epic Runner (3)

Epic Runner (4)


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