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TU14 Tutorial Remake Map

TU14 Tutorial Remake Map

The TU14 Tutorial Remake map has been moved back in time to the days of Minecraft Legacy Console Editions. You can go through the exclusive training mode again. But only on this frame can all buildings and structures be in today's style. All buildings will be covered with textured stone.

There will be new objects that will definitely need to be explored. And of course, there will be fishing, an enchantment room, brewing and much more, but only in a new form.

Therefore, you quickly become imbued with nostalgia, but at the same time do not lose all the advantages and developments of today's versions.

TU14 Tutorial Remake (1)
TU14 Tutorial Remake (2)

New objects on the map - Chapel and high tower.

The authors of the improvements to the secret dungeon. Now there is a sand pit and a sewer pipe. Because of the water runoff, a lake turned out there.

TU14 Tutorial Remake (3)

On this map, the library also received some changes. It has become much larger, new books have appeared.

TU14 Tutorial Remake (4)

The stone wall is now another item to explore. Take a walk, it's quite atmospheric. However, the watchtower is more emotional.

The stables have also been updated, with roofs added to the building. Now they are written more realistically.

TU14 Tutorial Remake (5)

Another building that received an upgrade is The Redstone Room.
TU14 Tutorial Remake (6)


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