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10 Minecraft Farm Ideas - Redstone Tutorial Map

10 Minecraft Farm Ideas - Redstone Tutorial Map
While surviving in the cubic world, you collect resources, fight mobs, build structures. And of course, in order not to constantly look for food, it is necessary to build farms where crops can be grown. In Minecraft Farm Ideas map 10, you already have areas with simplified redstone mechanisms in which you can grow food. You can choose the one that is right for you, wake up and in the morning the chest will already be full of food. Super convenient.

So, in the assembly of 10 farms, which differ in their design, below are pictures of each.

10 Minecraft Farm Ideas (1)

There are automatic and semi-automatic farms among farms, so you do not need to collect crops:

• A farm where you can grow wheat, potatoes, carrots and beets (semi-automatic).
• Farm with pumpkin and melon (automatic).
• Bamboo farm.
• Cactus farm.
• Farm for growing berries (automatic).
• A farm where you can grow bone meal (automatic).
• Farm with sugar cane.
• Farm for growing different types of vines.
• Semi-automatic cultivation of cocoa beans.
• Bee farm.

10 Minecraft Farm Ideas (2)
10 Minecraft Farm Ideas - Redstone Tutorial Map


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