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Granny 1.2 (Beta) Map

Granny 1.2 (Beta) Map
If you are looking for a horror map, then you turned to your Granny. It was created based on the game for mobile phones with the same name. The author repeated the house where the monster grandmother lives in Minecraft. The plot of the map is similar to the original. You, as the main character, are a hostage in an emergency house in order to get out of there and solve all the puzzles. You have until 5 pm. If you do not have time, then it will make you the most unpleasant things.

Rules of the game
In the lobby, click the "Enable Game" button. You can play with friends or by yourself. If you are playing alone, then disable Granny so you don't have to play as her. This feature is not available in a single protocol.
If you play with friends, then one of you, randomly, takes the role of Granny, while others hide from her.

The goal of the game was to avoid the ill-fated woman who was hiding behind the hiding places in the house itself, by finding various items to open the doors and progress through the game. These items must be broken to get blocks.
If you are playing in download, then help a friend and then you will quickly achieve results. Keep in mind that you will win if everything turns off from the house.

You can select Blind mode. This disease develops because you will not see well and will not be able to move quickly, just like a disease.

Items you can find on the map:
Each found item can be used to destroy any parts of the house, using wits, guessing.
Various Keys with which you can cover the doors.
Tools: hammer, wire cutters and screwdriver - make up the blocks.
Other items.


Granny 1.2 (1)

Granny 1.2 (2)

Granny 1.2 (3)

Granny 1.2 (4)

Granny 1.2 (5)

Granny 1.2 (6)


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