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Pig Race Map

Pig Race Map
Discover a new option for interesting adventures in the cubic world with the Pig Racemap. This is a competitive mini-game where you will ride a pig and your task will be to arrive first at the finish line. But not everything is so simple, fast driving will interfere with various procedures on the track, which can ruin the whole race. Well, let's go?

This map consists of tracks where you will compete with your friends or competitors in a pig race. Your animals are controlled with the help of a carrot on a fishing rod. On the way there will be various blocks that will be rare for your trip. In addition, there will be more lucky blocks. Either a good effect can fall out of them, which will play in your favor, or something bad.
Up to 8 users can play on the map.
You can increase the efficiency of the game with the "pig beat" function.
Unique animation and musical accompaniment is waiting for you.
If you have lags during the game, enter this command in the chat: /function reset
In test mode, you can play the map with a single player.

Watch the video review of the map:

Screenshots from the gameplay on the map:

Pig Race Map (1)

Pig Race Map (2)

Pig Race Map (3)

Pig Race Map (4)

Pig Race Map (5)


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