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The Bed Wars Map

The Bed Wars Map
The Bed Warsmap is perfect for fans of the regime with the destruction of enemy beds. This build includes several maps and modes where you can play multiple games with your friends.


3 maps where you can choose the place of the battle.
2 game modes (normal and rush).
3 teams of players.

The goal of the game is typical for this type of map. Each team has their own bed, which they must defend so that they can respawn an infinite number of times until they themselves manage to destroy the opponent's bed. If the bed is destroyed, they will die without the possibility of rebirth.

The team is considered to have won this mini-game if none of the other teams have any players left alive.


To change the mode or map type: /tag @s add op and adjust the settings.
Type /tag @s for detailed information about commands.


The Bed Wars (1)

The Bed Wars (3)

The Bed Wars (4)

The Bed Wars (5)


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