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Modern Mansion Map

Modern Mansion Map
If you want to not only learn how rich people live, but also live in their conditions, then welcome to Modern Mansion. The huge mansion has three floors, and these are not all of its features. The house itself is located among picturesque nature, so you can taste all the delights of this life and play without thinking about poverty.

In your free time, play basketball, because you have your own playground, and after that you can cool off in your private pool. You can invite friends to visit you, and you will not be crowded, because there are enough rooms in the building to get lost there.

By the way, you don’t have to worry about uninvited guests, your housing will be surrounded by a huge fence from monsters.

Less words, more pictures - take a look at the screenshots of this luxurious mansion for yourself.

Modern Mansion (1)

Modern Mansion (2)

Modern Mansion (3)

Modern Mansion (4)


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