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Red vs Blue Minigames Map

Red vs Blue Minigames Map
The map called "Red vs Blue Minigames" is perfect for players who want to have fun with friends and alone. There are many games for ingenuity, speed, dexterity, and other Minecraft skills. If you are tired of simple survival and want to do something interesting, then download this map.

Description of games

1.Tnt run

In this game, you need to run fast, knocking over obstacles and in no case do not fall, otherwise you will die.


This is a battle against each other. Clear rules where you need to destroy the opponent.

3. Skywars

A familiar game for all Minecraft fans. Your battle will take place in the sky, so you need not only to destroy the enemy, but also not to fall down.

4. Bedwars

You are familiar with this type of battle. The rules are similar.

5.The bridge

Earn points by crossing the enemy's bridge.

6. Parkour

Show all your skills of fast jumping over obstacles.

7 Block Party

Ingenuity or luck is important here, it is important to step on the right color, otherwise you will die.

8. Deadrun

Someone will be a hunter and you need to pass all the tests.

9. Hide and Seek

Everything is clear here, use the territory to hide safely.

10. Zombie apocalis

This game can be played alone. You will need to destroy all the monsters.

11. Sumo Adalah

Has common rules with the Japanese game.

12. Spleef adalah

Red vs Blue (1)

Red vs Blue (2)

Game process

To start the game, you need to throw a slime ball or a sea heart.

To return to the lobby you need to throw the compass.


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