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Tony Stark’s Mansion Map

Tony Stark’s Mansion Map
If your favorite character from Marvel is Iron Man, then you will definitely like the Tony Stark's Mansion map. After all, on it you can visit the house where the main character lives. This building demonstrates the essence of this character.

Walking through the rooms, you will feel what this Tony Stark was a genius, billionaire, and philanthropist.

The map designer designed every detail to show what the mansion was like. And now every fan can own such houses in Minecraft and have advanced technologies.


As in the story, this house is located on a cliff with a beautiful view of the endless ocean. It has a minimalistic design and highlights the personality and style of the richest superhero.

You can deliver furniture and add some details to the interior of the building.

There are several areas with large spaces for your needs. For example, you can organize a meeting with friends or something like that.

There is also a vault where you can see some items from the equipment of the main Avengers.


Tony Stark’s Mansion (1)
Tony Stark’s Mansion (2)

Tony Stark’s Mansion (3)


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