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Minecraft Mars Planet Map

Minecraft Mars Planet Map
If you want to be the first to colonize Mars and take a ride on a rover, then go to the Minecraft Mars Planetmap. Orange landscapes, space rockets and stations, space suits, and many other interesting buildings to explore. Also, on this planet there is water that has an orange color. You will be able to see several giant mountains and other planets in the sky.

Minecraft Mars Planet (1)

Rocket and satellites

The author designed three spaceships in which you can even live. You can also take one of the rockets high into the sky and even see a satellite hovering above the ground.

Minecraft Mars Planet (3)

In this area you can find several towers and antennas, they perfectly complement the atmosphere of an uncharted land.

Minecraft Mars Planet (4)
Minecraft Mars Planet (5)


If you thought that you still have to build a house, then you are mistaken. The author even built two already for you. The first is half glass, and next to the second is a glass farm.


On this planet you will be able to ride on a unique vehicle - a rover. It is excellent to surf the local expanses.

Minecraft Mars Planet (2)


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