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More Foods Addon

More Foods Addon
Products in Minecraft have already become monotonous and mundane? Then we suggest installing the MORE FOODSaddon to get a new range of products and dishes that will certainly satisfy your imagination. An exciting culinary journey awaits you, in which your taste buds will not stop thanking you for this exquisite and unforgettable experience!


• New crafting recipes for five new dishes.
• Individual components
• New emotions from the game.

Custom foods


If you are a beginner, then this information will be useful to you.

Custom food refers to foods introduced into the game through modifications or extensions created by gamers or developers, as they are not included in standard Minecraft content.

New foods can be as simple ingredients as berries or vegetables, or whole meals of meats, additives, and side dishes. They can have unique effects or positive properties when consumed.

Each has individual textures, recipes, names and methods of obtaining.

By adding custom meals to your game, the player refreshes the gameplay and brings realism to the food system. In addition, new tasks and benefits associated with the use of various types of food are formed.

Screenshots and crafting recipes can be viewed below.

More Foods (1)

More Foods (2)

More Foods (3)

More Foods (4)

More Foods (5)


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