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Future Swords Addon

Future Swords Addon
The Future SwordsAddon stands as an inventive expansion, ushering Minecraft enthusiasts into an unparalleled collection of exceptionally potent swords. Every individual blade encapsulates its own distinct essence, meticulously forged to the finest details, igniting an array of unparalleled emotions within gamers.

For those moments when the usual swords within the expanse of the Minecraft realm have lost a hint of allure, this augmentation emerges as the catalyst to rekindle enthusiasm and exhilaration throughout gameplay.

Infuse your encounters with diversity and unlock an entirely novel benchmark in the artistry of swordplay.

Activation of experimental settings is required.


• New design for six swords.
• Various characteristics and application features.
• New emotions from the use of weapons.

Custom swords


For newcomers, this insight holds significance.

When we refer to custom swords, we're alluding to blades that enter the game via modifications or expansions authored by players or developers, as these weapons deviate from Minecraft's core content.

Such artifacts may boast unique attributes, aesthetics, textures, enchantments, or capabilities, setting them apart from the conventional blades within the game. Frequently, these armaments are tailored to infuse novelty and unlock untapped potential within the blocky cosmos.

These weapons can range from a mere aesthetic overhaul to boasting truly extraordinary functionalities.

Screenshots and crafting recipes can be viewed below.

Future Swords (1)

Future Swords (2)

Future Swords (3)

Future Swords (4)

Future Swords (5)

Future Swords (6)


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