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Crazy Chest Add-on

Crazy Chest Add-on
Do you feel like your adventures lack variety and fun? Are you dreaming of a faithful and cheerful companion? Try installing the "Crazy Chest" mod! This addon will bring an incredible element to the game - a crazy chest that will not only carry your treasures, but will also become your faithful companion in exciting adventures.

With this unique creation, fun and joy will definitely not leave you!

Terms of use

First you need to create a chest. To do this, combine 4 diamonds, 4 torches and a chest as shown in the screenshot.

Then this creature must be tamed with any product that you have. Even seeds or vegetables are suitable for this.

Now this cute chest will follow you and store your things.

To open it, simply click on the appropriate button.

If you want to get rid of it and keep the items, then destroy it.

Note that hostile mobs will not recognize him as alive, so they will not attack.

Crazy Chest (1)

Crazy Chest (2)

Crazy Chest (3)

Crazy Chest (4)

Crazy Chest (5)


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