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Better: Portal Guns Add-on 1.20+

Better: Portal Guns Add-on 1.20+
Embark on a journey to a realm where the constraints of space and time bow to your command. Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring experience of wielding a portal gun, directly inspired by the renowned video game 'Portal.'

Better yet, the better Portal Gunsaddon introduces this iconic portal gun into your Minecraft universe, unlocking the ability to conjure interlinked portals that boldly challenge the laws of physics. Say farewell to laborious, endless treks across expansive landscapes.

Better: Portal Guns (1)

Now, you can effortlessly shoot, establish connections, and seamlessly step through portals, instantly transporting yourself to your desired destination.

Better: Portal Guns (2)

This item can be obtained in both survival and creative modes.

Better: Portal Guns (3)

For crafting you will need 4 items that are available to every player. Combine iron nugget, 2 iron ingot, stick and redstone to make a portal.

Better: Portal Guns craft

Or go to your creative inventory.

The distance at which you install the portals does not matter.

Better: Portal Guns (4)


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