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New Bows V2 Add-on 1.18+

New Bows V2 Add-on 1.18+
The New Bows V2addon introduces new bow options into the Minecraft PE game. With this long-range attack, you can attack your enemies, except that all of these bow variants have exceptional functions. In addition, bows can be crafted on survival, which makes the game in this mode even more creative.

What is special about this addon?

Now the game will have the 9 version of the bow, which will have different abilities. Some types of bows can be crafted, while others can be bought from a vendor. All kinds of secondary creative inventory.

The animation of the bow will be similar to the normal version of the bow attack. Accordingly, the bowstring for the shot is also pulled. You can use this weapon both in normal mode and in PVP.

Will be updated in the future, the author said that the new interface of the crafting table, where you can make a bow and shoot for it.

Attention! Turn on the world, activate Experimental features.

Weapon crafting

The crafting recipe includes materials on which the properties and features of the bow will depend.


Shoots 2 arrows at once.
Deals damage to you when harvested.
Much stronger than a regular bow.

Long Bow

Magnetic bow

Use it to pull items within a 12 block radius.

Magnet Bow

Spider Bow

Throws webs at a creature if an arrow hits or near a mob, immobilizing them.

Spider Bow

Shulker Bow

Maintains the levitation effect that exists in the air when attacking. This causes death or significant damage.

Shulker Bow

Miner bow

Use it to destroy any blocks.

Bow of health
Restores health.

Miner Bow

Ice bow

Will create ice cubes on the ground. It can freeze your enemies.

Ice Bow

Glowstone Bow

The location where the arrow hit will glow. Moreover, the bow and arrows themselves will glow in your hands.

GlowStone Bow

Explosive Bow

After the shot, an explosion from a hit at the location of detection will be detected, which can be used to detect opponents.

Explosive Bow

Ender Bow

The arrival of the arrow on the ground, you immediately teleport there.

Ender Bow

Blaze bow

Shoot an arrow that, when found, will create a fire. Will be 3x3 in size, destroying everything around.

Blaze bow

Mini Bow

An arrow when attacking turns him into a child, not suitable for creepers, spiders and an already existing person.

Smoke bow

The arrow inflicts blindness on the target.

Thunder Bow

Creates a powerful beam that can kill everyone.

Knockback bow

Knocks back attacks and deals high damage. Handy during battles.

Ways to get bows

To get bows, maul, smoke, knockback or minibow, you need to approach the beam in the village. Odinnik luch only sells one kind of bow.


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