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Jet Pack Add-on 1.20+

Jet Pack Add-on 1.20+
Have you ever harbored the desire to soar high above your very existence? To glide alongside the billowing clouds? Have you experienced the scorching embrace of the Nether's unforgiving lava on countless occasions? Well, look no further, for the Jet-Pack addon has come to your rescue! With state-of-the-art ion propulsion, a sleek and user-friendly design, and integrated protective armor, this Jet-Pack is custom-crafted to suit your needs!

Its versatility extends to accommodating a variety of materials, ensuring a seamless integration into your living environment. Whenever the occasion calls for it, effortlessly don your Jet-Pack and ascend to the heavens!


• This backpack is available in 16 colors.
• You can create it in survival mode.
• The mod also adds a new mob - Petrol Slime, that lives in swamps and drops Petrol balls. You will need them for crafting.


Jet Pack (1)

Jet Pack (2)

Jet Pack (3)

Jet Pack (4)

Jet Pack (5)


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