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Backpack Plus Add-on 1.20+

Backpack Plus Add-on 1.20+
Are you often running out of space in your inventory? The Backpack Plusaddon will solve your problem. You can create 4 types of backpacks with a capacity from 16 to 63 items and enjoy traveling through the blocky world and collecting things without worrying that there will not be room for something.


• Before upgrading the backpack, it is better to shift things, otherwise they will be lost.
• When holding a backpack, you can not touch other blocks or hit with your hand.
• To open the backpack, press the screen for a few seconds.
• The backpack can be presented to a friend, while all items will be saved.

Backpack Plus Add-on


Backpack Plus (2)

Backpack Plus (3)


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