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One Piece WG Add-on 1.20+

One Piece WG Add-on 1.20+
Embark on an epic adventure with the One Piece WG addon, a thrilling Minecraft mod inspired by the world of One Piece. This exciting Bloxfruit addon brings the essence of the Mugiwaras' journey right to your Minecraft world.

Prepare for an immersive Minecraft experience where the captivating world of One Piece unfolds before you. Uncover new fruits, master powerful weapons, and face challenging bosses in this exciting addon. Your adventure with the Mugiwaras is about to begin!

Let's dive into the features that await you:

New Fruit: Zushi Zushi no Mi

• Fruit Type: Paramecia
• Unleash 5 powerful skills with this unique fruit.
• Acquire it by finding it in a special fruit chest.

New Weapons:

1. Kaidou’s Mace (Rare)

• Equip this mighty mace boasting 2 formidable skills.
• A rare weapon that adds a punch to your arsenal.

2. Yoru (Legendary)

• Discover the legendary sword, Yoru, with an impressive set of 5 skills.
• Obtain it by conquering challenges in Mihawk’s Quest.

New Armors:

1. Mihawk Hat

• Complete your look with Mihawk's Hat, a stylish addition to your gear.
• Earn it by overcoming challenges in Mihawk’s Quest.

2. Mihawk Coat

• Wrap yourself in Mihawk's Coat, a symbol of strength and style.
• Acquire it by proving your prowess in Mihawk’s Quest.

New Boss: Boss Mihawk

• Encounter the formidable Boss Mihawk, ready to test your skills.
• Keep an eye out as these bosses spawn around the world, offering thrilling battles.

Look at the screenshots showcasing the thrilling world of One Piece WG!

One Piece WG (1)

One Piece WG (2)

One Piece WG (3)

One Piece WG (4)

One Piece WG (5)


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