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Factory Machinery Add-on 1.20+

Factory Machinery Add-on 1.20+
The Factory Machinery addon is aimed at automating and supplying electricity to your farms and other industries. With such an addon, you will leave routine tasks behind and take advantage of the efficiency and simplicity of modern technologies in industry.

The main idea is that the mod provides a clean energy solution for your needs.


• Harness the potential of solar, steam, nuclear, or hydroelectric power sources to fuel your machinery.
• Effortlessly transmit energy through cables, store excess power in batteries, and optimize your production processes with conveyors and mechanical arms.
• Automate resource extraction using quarries, ensuring a seamless and efficient industrial experience.
• Explore the future of Minecraft PE with Factory Machinery and watch your in-game industry thrive.


Factory Machinery (1)

Factory Machinery (2)

Factory Machinery (3)

Factory Machinery (4)


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