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Nico's Mobs Add-on 1.20+

Nico's Mobs Add-on 1.20+
Dive into the world of Nico's Mobs, an addon that brings a fresh wave of diversity to Minecraft mobs. Created by Nico, this mod introduces a range of creatures, each reflecting the unique vision of the author.

From tameable companions to formidable hostile mobs, Nico's Mobs adds a touch of unpredictability to your Minecraft adventures.

Mob Variety: Explore a diverse collection of mobs, each with its distinct characteristics. The mobs in this addon don't adhere to a common theme, showcasing the creative freedom of the mod creator. Additionally, only a selection of the new mobs are available for taming, adding an element of surprise to your encounters.

Blocks and Items: Nico's Mobs doesn't stop at introducing new creatures. The mod also brings along new blocks and items, enriching your gameplay experience. Expect the unexpected as you navigate through Minecraft with these intriguing additions.

Hostile Mobs: Prepare yourself for encounters with new hostile mobs, including unique variations of the skeleton. Stay on guard as you explore the world, as these formidable foes add an extra layer of challenge to your Minecraft journey.

Taming is carried out using specific items:

In order for Giant Moa to become your friend, you need to give it glowing berries.

For Red and Brown mushrooms you need some Blooming Azalea.

And so that the Mossy Cobblestone and the Cobblestone Golem become your companions in adventures, give them emeralds and then they will reward you.

Discover the unexpected and embrace the diversity that Nico's Mobs brings to your Minecraft world.

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