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Revamp Trading Add-on 1.20+

Revamp Trading Add-on 1.20+
The Revamp Trading addon transforms the trading system in Minecraft, adding depth and excitement to merchant interactions. This build introduces new trading mechanics and special items, making the trading experience more dynamic and rewarding.

Main Features:

1. Mysterious Merchant: This new merchant appears mainly in the Mushroom Islands biome. He deals in unique items and uses special currencies, offering a fresh trading experience.

Mysterious Merchant

2. Bartering with Emeralds: Attract the Mysterious Merchant's attention by using or dropping an Emerald. Barter for items like pumpkins, gold nuggets, golden apples, and even the rare Totem of Undying.

3. Mystery Boxes: Purchase these boxes from the Mysterious Trader and break them with a Golden or Netherite Axe. They drop experience orbs and items from various categories, including enchanted golden equipment.

Mystery Boxes

4. Mysterious Table: A unique crafting station for the add-on's new items. It allows for dismantling, duplication, and exchanging of items. Activate it with a Mysterious Page and 50+ experience levels.

Mysterious Table

5. Dismantle, Duplicate, Exchange: Break down equipment into raw materials, duplicate Smithing Templates, and exchange enchanted books, adding versatility to your resources.

6. Tome Usage: Summon Evocation Fangs or gain temporary boosts like Speed, Strength, Regeneration, and Jump Boost. The effects vary depending on your experience level.


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