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Future Boards Add-on 1.20+

Future Boards Add-on 1.20+
Prepare to revolutionize your Minecraft journey with the Future Boards addon, introducing a trio of futuristic hoverboards that will elevate your transportation game to new heights.


• The mod introduces a set of three innovative hoverboards for Minecraft.
• These hoverboards offer unique means of transportation and are styled to resemble futuristic technology.

Types of Hoverboards:

1. End Board:

• Harnesses the power of the Void, leaving behind trails of ethereal particles.

2. Gravity Board:

• Allows the player to defy gravity and maneuver through the world with incredible agility.

3. Copter Board:

• Provides helicopter-like flight capabilities with spinning rotor blades.


• Each hoverboard has a distinct design and visual effects.
• They significantly enhance the player's speed and maneuverability, making adventures more exhilarating.
• The mod adds futuristic elements to the Minecraft world, offering players a new level of mobility and exploration.

Future Boards (1)

Future Boards (2)

Future Boards (3)

Future Boards (4)


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