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Inferno Phase (Weapons And Armor) Add-on 1.20+

Inferno Phase (Weapons And Armor) Add-on 1.20+
The Inferno Phase addon introduces a fresh twist to Minecraft with its new addition: the Inferno Ingot. This unique material opens up a world of possibilities for crafting powerful weapons and armor, enhancing your survival experience in the game.

Here's a breakdown of the main features and items offered by the Inferno Phase addon:

1. Inferno Sword:

- Boasts the durability and attack power of a Diamond Sword.
- Comes pre-enchanted with Fire Aspect and Knockback.
- Inflicts damage on nearby mobs upon hitting a target.

2. Inferno Pickaxe:

- Equates to the durability and mining efficiency of a Diamond Pickaxe.
- Automatically smelts ores upon mining with the Blaze Pickaxe.
- Arrives pre-enchanted with Fortune.

3. Inferno Axe:

- Offers the mining speed of a Diamond Axe.
- Boasts exceptional durability, ensuring longevity.

4. Inferno Wand:

- Allows players to conjure a Fire Wall upon interaction.
- Features a 10-second cooldown for balanced gameplay.

5. Inferno Armor:

- Provides protection equivalent to Diamond Armor.
- Emits a subtle glow when worn during nighttime.
- Grants full fire resistance when any piece of armor is worn.
- Offers additional resistance when submerged in lava.

Inferno Phase (1)
Inferno Phase (2)[/center
To obtain these formidable armaments and tools, players must utilize the newly introduced material, Inferno Ingot. This resource serves as the cornerstone for crafting all the weapons and armor featured in the addon.

[center]Inferno Phase (3)

With the Inferno Phase, players can arm themselves with powerful gear and delve deeper into the Minecraft world with newfound strength and resilience.


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