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ToolBox Mod for Minecraft PE

ToolBox Mod for Minecraft PE
Enhance your Minecraft PE gameplay on Android with the Toolbox mod, a comprehensive tool designed to enrich your gaming experience with its array of features tailored for mobile use.

Key Features:

• Crafted in C++ for optimal performance.
• Item search functionality for easy access.
• Capabilities to enchant items directly.
• Options for obtaining various effects.
• Weather and game time adjustments.
• Mob spawning feature for dynamic gameplay.
• Swift teleportation across different worlds.
• A creative mode-like sorting menu for organization.
• Instant addition of any item to your inventory for convenience.

Using Toolbox: To add items to your inventory, simply open the Toolbox interface, navigate to the Inventory section, and search for the desired item or block. Clicking on its icon will instantly place it in your inventory.


Enchanting Items: Within the Inventory section, locate the item to enchant, select it, and then choose the desired enchantments in the Item editor window. Saving your selections applies the enchantments.

Activating XRay Vision: The XRay feature allows visibility of ores and blocks through obstacles. Activate or deactivate this by toggling the Enable xray slider under the Mods category.

Enabling the Mini Map: Turn on the mini map in the Mods section, where you can also customize visibility settings for mobs and players and adjust the map's size and scope to your preference.

Mini Map

toolbox settings
ToolBox Mod for Minecraft PE


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