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Solar Tools Mod for Minecraft PE

Solar Tools Mod for Minecraft PE
Use innovative tools for survival and exploration thanks to the new Solar Tools mod. What makes them special is that they run on solar energy, and they all have different power levels and methods of application.

Featuring four unique items, the addon offers something for every player:

1. Gas Launcher: A ranged weapon that emits a stream of solar gas that is used to destroy blocks and poison creatures. Ideal for fighting strong enemies and overcoming obstacles.

Gas Launcher

2. Laser Gun: A modern designed weapon that fires beams of solar energy, allowing players to hit enemies from a distance with precision and firepower. Ideal for epic battles and accelerated resource gathering in caves.

3. Solar Sword: This powerful melee weapon uses solar energy to deal extra damage to enemies, providing both offense and illumination in the dark. A versatile tool for both combat and exploration.

Solar Sword

4. Solar pickaxe. By channeling solar energy, the Solar Pickaxe creates powerful explosions. An essential tool for efficient mining and terraforming.

Solar pickaxe

To obtain these items, players can activate Creative Mode and access them directly from the inventory.


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