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Beyond the Underground Mod for Minecraft PE

Beyond the Underground Mod for Minecraft PE
Enhance your exploration capabilities within the cubic realm through the Beyond the Underground modification. This expansion introduces a plethora of fresh cave formations, each presenting distinctive resources and obstacles to conquer.

Within these novel caverns, alongside valuable ores, adventurers may confront perilous mobs. Hence, it is prudent to procure supplementary weaponry and gear to fend off these antagonistic entities effectively.

New biomes

Now on the Mushroom Skeletons the player will find new structures - Glowing Caves. These locations are home to unique luminous plants and giant mushrooms, as well as valuable luminite ore, which is stronger than diamond. In addition to the new flora, mushroom elves also live here, although they are cowardly, you can treat them with glowing mushrooms so that they will give birth.

Aside from the luminescent caverns, gamers have the opportunity to delve into the murky sewers lurking beneath the swampy terrain. Within these subterranean passageways, they'll come face to face with slime-infested zombies and uncover concealed riches tucked away in slime dungeons.

Slime Zombies:

- Possess a health pool of 20 hit points.
- Reside within the Slimy Sewers.
- Engage in combat by hurling adhesive green projectiles.

Frosty caverns provide a chilly ambiance adorned with gleaming crystals, icy formations, and the occasional penguin waddling about. Adventurers might stumble upon the Lost Explorer, a wandering merchant eager to trade valuable wares for precious emeralds.

Moreover, the mod swaps out the Nether's subterranean realms for the haunting Caverns of Souls, where twisted roots entangle and ghostly Wisps lurk, ready to ambush unsuspecting travelers. Within these depths lie spectral fortresses crowned with lava reservoirs, introducing a blend of mystery and peril to the journey underground.

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