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Dying Day Mod for Minecraft PE

Dying Day Mod for Minecraft PE
The Dying Day mod for Minecraft BE gives adventure lovers an exciting survival experience as they travel through a post-apocalyptic world infested with monsters and dangers.

Within this modification, players will face a diverse array of mobs, ranging from menacing zombies to ferocious soldiers and resilient survivors. These additions not only ramp up the challenge but also foster a tense atmosphere, demanding players to stay on high alert throughout their adventures.


• Fresh weaponry, creatures, and structures await exploration.
• Specially reduced visibility, which enhances the feeling of danger.
• An array of creatures roam the landscape, engaging in intense skirmishes, heightening the sense of disorder and devastation.
• Witness remarkable animations and stunning visual effects upon injury or demise.


The biomes undergo a transformation into barren wastelands, evoking the aftermath of a catastrophic event. Furthermore, the deserts undergo a metamorphosis, with sands now cloaked in mud and dark ash, portraying a somber depiction of post-apocalyptic aftermath.

Weapons and Armor

To survive in this hostile environment, players must arm themselves with an arsenal of weapons, including weapons with custom animations and powerful abilities.

From grenades that cause explosions to bullets that set the surrounding area on fire, players have a variety of options to fight off opponents and protect themselves. There is also poison and infected eraser, which also affect a certain area.

In addition to firearms, players can also wield melee weapons such as battle axes, wrenches, baseball bats, and knives, providing versatility in combat situations. To further enhance survivability, the mod offers new armor options that protect players from damage and increase their chances of survival against enemies.

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