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Skeleplus+ Add-on 1.17+

Skeleplus+ Add-on

Are you still bored and missing different entities? If the skeleton is your favorite, then this addon Skeleplus+ is enlightened to you. Now, as many as 4 hostile Mobs - skeletons - have been added to Minecraft. They are all generated in different worlds. Their names are Shukleton, Skeleton Warrior, Gigante Skeleton, and Armored Skeleton.

Now a little detail about each.

The first version of the new skeleton Shulkeleton. He dwells in the End dimension. Has the ability to levitate on impact.


The next type of skeleton is the Skeleton Warrior.

Skeleton Warrior

It is generated in the Overworld. He has an iron sword in his hands.

Another skeleton that you can meet in the Overworld is the Giant Skeleton.

Giant Skeleton

It is as dangerous as possible and has the effect of increased knockback resistance.

The hit player has 1 second blindness.

Finally, the Armored Skeleton. He has the ability to provide fierce repulsion resistance.

Armored Skeleton

Great addon for Halloween.

Check it out for yourself.

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