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Lost Weapons Add-on 1.17+

Lost Weapons Add-on 1.17+
The time has come for dangerous adventures and the search for the exclusive remnants of the ancient weapons of the gods. With the new Lost Weapons Addon in Minecraft, 23 rare weapons will be added for even more action, but that's not all. There will also be new buildings and bosses.

If you are interested, then read on about the new product and the guide on how to find fragments of weapons.

In order for you to have a fragment of a weapon, you must first find a frozen stone at a certain height of 4-70 and break it with a diamond or netherite pickaxe.

To make a weapon you need to collect three parts.

To get fragments from the frozen stone, you need to find a hot stone in the Lower World.

Next, transfer the fragments to the oven so that they defrost there.

To craft a weapon, you need to arrange the fragments in order 1, 2, 3.

Lost Weapons (1)

This addon has a new boss. His name is Ymir.

It can be found in snowy biomes.

Has the following characteristics:

25 damage on attack.

350 health.

If you manage to destroy it, you will get a good jackpot: 4-8 diamonds, 30 pieces of ice blocks and "frosty" weapons.


Another innovation from Cerbero. Below is a picture.


I am glad that Mjornil and Frost are displayed in 3D.


Lost Weapons (2)


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