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SpongeBob Add-on 1.17+

SpongeBob Add-on 1.17+
Who lives at the bottom of the ocean? Sponge Bob Square Pants. Are you familiar with such a character? Dive into the world of Bikini Botom and meet all the characters from the legendary cartoon with the SpongeBob Addon. In this add-on there are a total of 13 mobs, with different abilities.


In addition to the main character from the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, it will also contain 12 mobs. Among them there are both friendly and hostile mobs that will become enemies not only of SpongeBob, but also yours. Each of them has some kind of ability.

In order to fully and completely convey the entire atmosphere of this universe of the underwater world, I suggest downloading the Bikini Bottom map, where the city where the main character lives is located. This add-on with this map will give you the maximum enjoyment of the game.

Next, I will tell and show each of the mobs.

The main mob is SpongeBob SquarePants. He replaces Pigs in the ordinary world. It is a friendly mob.

Squidward Tentacles mob. He is instead of Witches. Squidward is a dull octopus. Lives next door to Sponge and Patrick.

Squidward Tentacles

Sandy Cheeks. A friendly mob that replaces the Husk. The research squirrel lives under a special dome. He is close friends with SpongeBob.

Sandy Cheeks

Patrick Star. In the game, instead of creepers. A friendly mob, funny and Sanch Bob's best friend.

Patrick Star

Friendly mob Mr. Krabs. In this add-on replaces Skeletons. Owns Krusty Krab restaurant, loves money very much.

Mr. Krabs

Neutral mob Larry Lobster. It is a replacement for Iron Golems. Lifeguard at Gu Lagoon Beach.

Larry Lobster

Mrs. Puff is neutral. In this addon, instead of the Homeless. Works as a school teacher.

Mrs. Puff

Neutral - Gary. Replacement for Wolves. According to the script - a snail, a favorite pet.


All these mobs can be tamed by the player. To do this, you need to feed them with bones. These bones can also be processed into fish food.

Other mobs from the addon

Hostile mob - Plankton. The game will be instead of Zombies. He has his own restaurant Chum Bucket. When it is destroyed, dollar bills fall out. Like bricks.


All other Citizens of Bikini Bottom replace the villagers.

Bikini Bottom Citizens

Jellyfish. Instead of ghost mobs. Friendly mob.


You can create a couple of ghosts to populate the world with jellyfish.

Also hostile mob - Flying Dutchman. In the game, he replaces the Wither Boss. Looks like a green ghost pirate.

The Flying Dutchman

The Boat is in this expansion, but in the regular game it is a Cow.


To control it, you need to keep the carrot on a stick.

For owners of iOS / Android devices, to ride a Boat, you need to tap the screen and select the Ride button.

And for Windows 10, just right-click.


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