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Swamp Enchants Add-on 1.17+

Swamp Enchants Add-on 1.17+
I present to you Swamp Enchants Addon. With this mod, you can improve and supplement the life in the swamp biomes. The add-on adds creatures, blocks and other elements that were presented at the Minecraft conference 2021.

Further, in order, about all the new products.

What mobs will be

The first creature is the Butterfly. Has 4 units of health. Naturally capable of flying. Gives real atmosphere to biomes.


Dragonfly, 4 life units, also flies and revives the location.


Firefly. Glow and has 4 hearts of life.


Snail - 4 life units. Moves across swamps.


Tadpole - 6 health units. The predecessor of the frog.


Crocodile - 18 health units. Deals 5 points of damage. Able to live both in water and on land. Lays eggs for breeding.


Frog - 7 life units. Jumps 8 blocks. It feeds on butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies. If the player is with a frog infected with a tumor, then it can turn into a frog with a tumor. Move away from such a frog, as it explodes. Every 5 minutes, an adult is obtained from the tadpole.


Big frog - 42 health points. Deals damage 6 points. Jumps 8 blocks. It feeds on bees and cave spiders.

Big frog

When near, attacks the player, poisoning him.

Can shoot pieces of tumor, while poisoning the ground.

Knocks the player back if it is at close range.

Can generate 3 frogs that are infected with a tumor.

Blocks in this addon.

Crocodile Egg - you can collect up to 4 pieces, a crocodile comes out of them.
Flowers and Mushroom Decals - Can be mixed in and around swamps.
Mangrove Sapling - Generated from a Mangrove Tree. To grow faster, you can use Bone Meal, after which mangrove seedlings fall out of it. It takes 15 minutes.

Mangrove sapling drop

Appears during the growth of mangrove seedlings. Accelerates growth, when using "Bone meal", grows into a large tree in 5 minutes.

Below you can see screenshots of other building blocks.

Mud and Mud Brick Blocks.

Mangrove boards and mangrove blocks.


Crocodile Egg - Crocodile lays eggs on the ground, lie under the animal.
Crocodile Fang - dropped from a crocodile, needed to craft armor.
Crocodile Fang - Found under the frog.
Crocodile Heart - drops from a frog. This item is used to create the Tumor Launcher.
Frog Leg Raw And Frog Leg Cooked - Non-edible raw, cooked to provide 4 points of satiety.
Mangrove Sapling - for obtaining a tree.
Tadpole eggs - adult tadpoles grow from them.
Crocodile head - when attacking, imposes the effect of a thorn.
Frog legs - protects 40% when falling. Increases swimming speed by 20% and increases jump by 1.
Tumor Laucher - Attacks the player, poison the ground, falling on it.

You can look at the screenshots for crafting recipes for some items.

The photo of the biome is below.


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