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Elemental Swords Add-on 1.18+

Elemental Swords Add-on 1.18+
Elemental Swords is a new addition that adds powerful swords of the four elements to the world of Minecraft, thanks to which you can become the most powerful and easily defeat the enemy. Become the owner of a new weapon and create a unique copy.

Crystals and ores

Minerals and minerals are found all over the world, as their generation is automatic. The player can only mine ores using lances of iron, diamond and netherite.

A screenshot of the blocks and the corresponding ores is below.

Elemental Swords (1)

The creation of swords is quite simple, see the picture.

Elemental Swords (2)

Next, let's talk about the swords themselves.

Elemental Swords (3)

Air sword.

This sword is dedicated to the element of air. Use this sword to throw a mob that is 10 blocks away.

You can also use it with a jump, as it has the properties of reducing damage when hitting the ground.

Fire sword. Provides fire power and can incinerate enemies within a 10 block radius. In addition, the player will become fire resistant. You can also use this sword for fast food preparation.

Water sword. The weakest of all. Deals damage to enemies within a 10 block radius. Gives the effect of breathing underwater, which allows the player to explore the bottom of the seas.

Earth sword. Gives the ability to push mobs at a distance of 10 blocks. Imposes a slow effect for 3 seconds. During this time, you can come up with attack tactics or run away from the enemy.

The note

Since this is a new addon, some bugs are possible, in order to avoid them as much as possible, do not use if there are pets nearby.


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