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Brown Bears Minecraft Add-on 1.18+

Brown Bears Minecraft Add-on 1.18+
Friends, if you missed animals in the pixel world, then install the Brown Bears Minecraftadd-on. These club-footed animals live in the taiga and adore combs, so be sure to come with gifts or do not come at all, because these are not just cute animals.

Brown bears will now appear in the game. They live in the taiga. They love honey. Therefore, in order for the bears to become kind and contented, treat them with honeycombs, then they will begin to reproduce.

Brown Bears (1)

In general, these bears are not hostile, but if you show aggression, they will be able to stand up for themselves and attack you. Therefore, it is better not to anger the owner of the taiga.

Brown Bears (2)

Brown Bears (3)

These brown fluffy beasts hate zombies very much; you can use this fact to protect yourself from these hostile mobs.

Brown Bears (4)

If you want to kill a bear, then salmon will drop from it.

Brown Bears (5)

However, it's better to be friends with them and they will bring you more benefit.
Brown Bears Minecraft Add-on 1.18+


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