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Dragon Add-on 1.18+

Dragon Add-on 1.18+
Friends, how about adding a dragon that can be tamed to the game? The Dragonaddon adds these amazing flying creatures to the Minecraft world, which can be both pets and also your protectors. It's not easy to get them, so good luck.

Below you can watch trailers of some types of dragons: Noctis, ice dragons and Wyvern dragons.

Noctis Dragon

To get this type of dragon, you need to do the following:

In the Extreme Hills biomes, hunt down a Night Scout at night. Attack him, after his destruction soldiers and the boss Executioner with an ax will be summoned. You need to defeat him to get the Noctis spawning egg.

Next, you need to raise a dragon and tame it with cod.

You will get a temporary night vision effect.

Soldiers keep treats in barrels, you can steal them.

Noctis (Night) Dragon

Wyvern (fire-breathing dragon)

Generated in the Swamp Hills areas.
You will be able to meet them at a certain time, so you have to wait. Tamed by tropical fish.
You cannot put armor on this dragon.
Attacks nearby mobs with fireballs.
To cure dragons, feed them cod or salmon or tropical fish.


Ferox (gruesome) dragons

First, you need to find a dragon scout in the biomes of the plains. Attack him, after which the scout will summon the Dragon Hunter. You will have to try to kill them all. Next, you should defeat the Dragon Wizard boss, who, after death, will give the Ferox Dragon spawning egg.

Next, summon Ferox Dragon and tame it with a Terek.


Velox (fast) dragons

These dragons live in the Snowy Taiga Mountains. They come in two colors: black (cannot be tamed) and another color. Appear at a specific time of the day: during sunrise or sunset.

If the dragon is of a different color, then you can try to give him a tropical fish. The Ice Dragon can also be found in these biomes with blue patterns on its skin. These creatures will be able to freeze water if they fly close to the water.

You can equip the dragon with special items.

Hold the item you are about to place on the dragon to equip it. Use a glowing rod to remove.


Dragon armor

You can get armor in two ways:

1. Destroy the Dragon Armorer.
2. Craft armor using netherite ingots.

How to fly a dragon?

For these purposes, you need a saddle, a flight mechanism like riding a horse: look up and jump. To control a creature in the air you need to look up to be higher, to go down look down.

Flying your Dragon


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