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Hidwoods 2 Add-on 1.18+

Hidwoods 2 Add-on 1.18+
I present to you the new Hidwoods 2addon, which transforms the cubic world familiar to us into an almost different world in Minecraft PE. Completely new elements of the game will appear in the open spaces of the blocky universe, such as blocks, biomes, objects, buildings and creatures.

You will have a new interest in the game, as you need to explore all the spaces again and go on adventures in search of new resources.

This assembly changes the look of the Minecraft world and adds completely new features to the game. The level of survival will increase as there will be new entities, items and blocks.

There is no detailed information, but you can look at the available screenshots under this description to make sure that this add-on is original.


• Activate experimental features
• In the category "How to play», you can find all the detailed information and rules of the game.
• The mod does not support additions with 3D elements, and other addons.
• Supports multiplayer.

Hidwoods 2 (1)

Hidwoods 2 (2)

Hidwoods 2 (3)


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