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Bzf Furniture's Add-on 1.18+

Bzf Furniture's Add-on 1.18+
Thanks to the Bzf Furniture'saddon, you can create an interior using more than 100 pieces of furniture in Minecraft. All things have many possibilities. Decorate your home in your signature style with their complements.

This version of the addon fixes bugs and adds new pieces of furniture with new features.

The updated version has new blocks for room decorations.

With all furniture and appliances, you can interact.

Below are screenshots of the rooms.

Kitchen. The wallpaper from the add-on is also used here.

Bzf Furniture's (1)

Corridor decoration.

Bzf Furniture's (2)

Living room.

Bzf Furniture's (3)


Bzf Furniture's (4)

If you want to change the color of the bedspread, simply place it above the bed.

Cover colors available:

Bzf Furniture's (5)

Bzf Furniture's (6)

Collision Finder Device

Allows you to find hidden blocks. To do this, you need to get close to this device and click on it.

Collision Hider Device

Allows you to hide collision blocks.

To get furniture, you need to create a Furniture Box:

Next, place the Furniture Box in the Stonecutter and you will have a huge selection of versatile furniture to decorate the premises.

Activate Experimental features in settings.


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