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Demon Hunter Add-on 1.18+

Demon Hunter Add-on 1.18+
The Demon Hunteraddon adds three types of demons and a boss to the game. You will have weapons to fight these entities. Cleanse the Minecraft world from this evil and feel like a real hunter.


Syringes are required to obtain.
The blood of a villager is needed to create a ritual circle.
Demon blood is needed to create a demonic mixture.
To obtain the blood of a villager or a demon, you need to interact with them using a syringe.


Used to generate the Behemoth boss of this build.


What should be done?

1. First you need to create a base of nine blood syringes of villagers.
2. Find a demonic grimoire in the gorges.
3. Create a demonic mixture with three syringes of demon blood and demonic essence (dropped by a level one demon).
4. Then you need to put the base, place the grimoire there and interact with the mixture to generate the boss.

Description of demons

Demon Level 1

Generated in the Nether and The Overworld.
Has the same health as the player.
Deals 5 damage.

Rank one demon

Second level demon

Generated in The Nether and The Overworld.
Has 40 health units.
Deals 8 damage.

Rank two demon

Demon of the third level

Generated in the Nether.
Has 70 health units.
Deals 20 damage.

Rank three demon


Generated after the ritual.
Health 400 units.
Deals 20 damage.
Drop: Demonic blood sword.

Behemoth (BOSS)


Blessed Sword: Crafted with iron and a wooden cross.
Wooden Cross: Crafted with sticks.
Demon Catalyst: Crafted with a Level 2 Demon's Leash and Eye.
A golden amulet and a golden cross can be obtained in the chests of the bastion.
Demonic Blood Sword: Dropped by Behemoth. Durability - 5000 units and damage - 20 units.

Demonic blood sword

Demon Hunter Armor:


The crafting recipe includes red wool and iron nuggets.


Weapons and ammunition:

Bullets: Crafted with black wool, demonic ingot, and gunpowder.
Iron Hunter Bullets: Crafted with two bullets.
Hunter Shotgun Bullets: Crafted with 5 Iron Hunter Bullets.
To reload weapons, you need to put them in a crafting table along with bullets.

Guns and bullets (1)

Guns and bullets (2)

Guns and bullets (3)


Demonic Ore: Generates at level -64-20 in The Overworld, and at level 0-20 in the Nether.
Demonic Bar: Crafted from Ore in a Furnace or Blast Furnace.


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