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Minecraft: Nether Expansion Add-on 1.18+

Minecraft: Nether Expansion Add-on 1.18+
The Nether dimension is always interesting to explore, but most users want something new in this place. The Minecraft: Nether Expansionaddon just copes with this task. Now hell will get even tougher as new mobs will appear that will be even harder to defeat. This add-on is suitable for fearless and determined players, if you are like that, then install it sooner.

This preview shows all the features this addon adds.

Some screenshots of items, locations and mobs below.

Amazing Marouge Forest

Marouge Forest

Dangerous Piglin Fungus Thrower

Piglin Fungus Thrower



Warped Stag

Warped Stag

Magnificent Soul Forest

Soul Forest

Scary Wither Beast

Wither Beast

Mob Wandering Soul

Wandering Soul

Hostile Nether Mite

Nether Mite


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