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Player Inventory Sorter Add-on 1.18+

Player Inventory Sorter Add-on 1.18+
Player Inventory Sorter is a addon that will help you sort and group your items in your inventory. Now you do not need to manually clean up your storage and organize, just use a special tool.

Note. For the addon to work correctly, you need to activate the Experimental parameters in the world settings.

Now you won't have a mess in your inventory while traveling, thanks to this inventory sorting item. It can be used an infinite number of times.

Crafting Recipe:

Player Inventory Sorter craft

Not many items are needed for crafting: 2 ropes, a chest, Redstone Dust and leather.

Inventory Sorter

Now you just need to take the created object in your hands and hold it. After interacting, you will see Inventory Sorted and your items will be sorted alphabetically.

Screenshot of the Inventory, where, all slots are filled with blocks.

Inventory Sorter (1)

Screenshot of the Inventory after applying the tool.

Inventory Sorter (2)

The Quick Access Toolbar is not sortable.

This add-on organizes items by a standard ID. Custom names do not affect sorting.

In addition, the modification is not available for the PlayStation as Gametest is used.

An update will soon add:

• A special button for grouping items in the inventory.
• Gametest which supports other devices.
• Consider custom item names when ordering.
Player Inventory Sorter Add-on 1.18+


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