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Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE

Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE
If you want to add a new character to your Minecraft world, then install the Jenny mod and textures. This is an unusual addition that adds an adult girl with emotions to the map. You can interact with her and invite her on adventures. Diversify your gameplay with new acquaintances and mechanics.

Acquaintance with Jenny

The girl has a non-standard appearance for a Minecraft character. She has an interesting figure and style.

The character has his own emotions. They can be influenced by interacting in certain ways. Sometimes she will like it, and sometimes she will be angry.
To find out what your girlfriend can do, you need to give her diamonds. Then you will have more options.


The sun will have two types of summon eggs. This is one and the same girl, but they differ in clothes.

It is very interesting that in the modification you can call on countless heroines.

Jenny will follow you everywhere until you offer her some gift. After that, the mob will begin to act, showing new emotions and events.

Approach the mob and open the menu. There you can choose the desired action that Jenny will do.

Pay attention to the facial expressions of the heroine, she is very sensitive, can flirt or be embarrassed. Emotions will show up even on her face.


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