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Gym Equipment Add-on 1.19+

Gym Equipment Add-on 1.19+
The Gym Equipmentaddon will allow you to create the gym of your dreams. With the help of sports equipment from the addon, the player will be able to equip their sports corner and make it modern. Among the new items available: equipment for strength training, cardio, and fitness. All this will help you create an athletic body and a healthy mind in just a few clicks.

All inventory that is available in the mod:

• Barbell
• Barbell with handle
• EZ Bar
• Dumbell
• Kettlebell
• Pull up bar
• T-bar

For cardio training

Monitors on cardio machines glow at night.

To use them you need to crouch and interact. To speed up - right-click on the item.

• Stationary Bike
• threadmill
• Elliptical Trainer

The cardio machine and T-bar have animation.


Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment (1)

Gym Equipment (2)


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