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FPS Mod for Minecraft PE

FPS Mod for Minecraft PE
To optimize the game and increase performance, it is enough to download FPS mods, which will open access to many settings and organize convenient use on the corresponding panels. Specific settings will open up new possibilities for users.

FPS Booster

Optimize the frame rate with the new setting that will appear after downloading this mod. The new dark-style interface has a user-friendly design.

Choose from four possible modification options that have their own mode and subsequent improvements.

The addition changes the shape of celestial bodies and vegetation, making the details smoother.


Few people know that part of the game settings is hidden. The assembly not only adds the ability to change them, but also places them on panels for quick access. In addition, the interface of the initial screen - the main menu - is changed, keeping the vanilla style.

Due to the fact that this add-on removes many effects, such as fog in the water, it is easier for players to play and plus performance increases.
The mod improves the draw distance. Now this distance is equal to one block. This will greatly increase the number of frames per second, as the mobs will stop loading.

Improved FPS

This addon is another option to change the draw distance to improve game performance. You can significantly increase the FPS, especially on weak PCs. It allows you to spend less resources processing chunks that are far from the player or located in a place where the player cannot see them.

If you wish, you can change the settings to achieve an even higher FPS increase.

Also, some default settings are changed, such as changing the amount of fog and shadows from creatures. All this you can adjust in the menu for better optimization of the playful process.

landscape fps

new interface fps

views fps


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